Always fair exchange rates.

No charges or expenses ever.
We accept all popular credit cards.

The best currency exchange rates

... at the exchange booth inside our shop, on the corner of Soi Diamond and Pra­tam­nak Rd. For our valued customers, we do currency exchanges with a limit: you deposit an amount to be exchanged with us, tell us your trigger rate, and when it is reached, the exchange is performed automatically (a small fee applies).

Cash or credit card? Anything goes.

At Amigo, you can pay in Thai Baht, or alter­na­tive­ly in any popu­lar cur­ren­cy. We use the la­test ex­change ra­tes and there are no ex­tra fees or sur­char­ges — no need to walk to a bank or a curr­en­cy ex­change offi­ce. To make things real­ly easy for you, we also acc­ept all maj­or cre­dit cards.
...and everything from a single source.