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Top it off with perfection.

With our rich assortment of access­ories and con­veni­ence artic­les, it's an easy leap from "great" to "per­fect" one-stop shopp­ing! Your new casual out­fit with polo shirt and shorts to combat the heat. Or your personal kimo­no (silk robe) or your com­for­table cotton bath­robe when leav­ing the shower, wrapped in a fluffy Amigo bath towel. We have it all!

The importantance of small things.

What's a smart suit without a con­fi­dent­ly styl­ish tie, with a large range to choose from at Amigo? And where trouser legs are per­fect­ly aligned with your shoes, a pair of ele­gant and com­fort­able socks are called for — also on offer, of course. Under­wear and boxer shorts may be out of sight for your envi­ron­ment, but com­fort­ably fitt­ing such are still a simple "must" for your well-being, as are other things like buckle belts. Also in fitt­ing sizes, as a matter of course!


Then your vaca­tion gear should fly as safe­ly as you do! Our select range of suit­cas­es and note­book bags and cases — in all the colors of a rain­bow (and then some) — will see to that. But we don't stop there: Amigo offers a selec­tion of adap­ters and other travel access­ories that will prove in­valu­able, every time!

Technologically superior.

Good looking and prac­tical – we apply those prio­ri­ties not just to clothes, but also to every­thing tech­nical to make your life easier. There's a wide range of tech­no­logi­cal goodies wait­ing for you, from mobile phones and tablets through to care­fully selec­ted access­or­ies like smart mobile covers, port­able hard­disks, seri­ous power strips and battery back­up "power banks". Plus: lots more – come and take a look around!

Just the tip of the iceberg...

The range of useful access­ories that we offer is wide indeed, and we're per­manent­ly on the lookout for new items to make your life more con­veni­ent, safe and fun. Best to just drop in and look around our show­room!
...and everything from a single source.