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Look­ing for attrac­tive­ly priced off­ers in Thai­land? Hotels (in Pat­ta­ya and every­where else in the coun­try), dream bea­ches, tours, ren­tal cars? Talk to us: at Amigo, you will only find the fine­st cer­ti­fied choi­ces! We orga­ni­ze re­ser­va­tions and book­ings. If you wish, we'll com­ple­te the first-class ex­pe­rien­ce with limo pick-up from the air­port and back.

Only the best.

Your defi­ni­te ad­van­tage: you will only ever book per­fect offer­ings, be­cause you pro­fit from the huge trea­sure trove of ex­peri­ence of our other cu­sto­mers, and we only ever re­com­mend what has al­rea­dy re­ceiv­ed top ratings!

Tickets, tickets, tickets.

Let us handle flight and seat re­ser­va­tions. Love your holi­days, and you would like to pro­long your stay? We take care of book­ing chan­ges and also offer a help­ing hand with visa for­mali­ties.

More convenience, less nuisance.

We add the term "con­veni­ence" to your trip, with solid suit­ca­ses and note­book ca­ses that will turn your tra­vel ex­peri­ence into a re­laxed plea­sure. Our light-weight hard-shell suit­cases, avail­able in many co­lors, pro­tect con­tents effi­cient­ly. 360º wheels let you cruise through any air­port like a boss. Clever com­part­ments make for safe and well-orga­nized trans­por­ta­tion. Safety locks en­sure that only you, and no­body else, have acc­ess to your valu­able be­long­ings.

Keyword: comfortable!

You definitely don't want to arrive crink­led at your travel's end. One good way of mak­ing sure you travel com­fort­ably is to wear per­fect­ly fitt­ing, tai­lor-made trou­sers and a fitt­ing shirt — all served up by Amigo in no time flat, to your in­di­vi­dual spe­ci­fi­ca­tions!
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